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This webpage is designed to showcase my artwork.  Completed works are in the Illustrations link, inked but not colored works in the Inks link and finally incomplete and blah works are in the Sketches link.  Find out more about me in the Profile link, quotes I like in the Quotes link and random stuff in the miscellaneous link.  Finally the Links link contains hyperlinks to other pages I like such as friends of mine and other artists.


Contact Info                                                                           

If you should want to contact me please send an email to abandonedlines@gmail.com.  I will try to get back to as soon as possible.



Visit my deviantART account some time, I actually update it now:  pokerins.deviantart.com



12.13.11 - Added Illustrations

10.05.11 - Added Illustration

05.12.11 - Added Inks

04.13.11 - Added Inks